Attention: Women Over 50 Who Want to Feel Inspired, Passionate, Empowered
and Turned-On at Every Stage of Your Life …

Discover the SECRET that will quickly BOOST your self-confidence, RE-IGNITE your sensuality, ATTRACT love if you want it, and let you feel more EMPOWERED and ALIVE than ever before!

What would happen to your life if the self-inhibiting or self-critical part of you simply melted away in the warmth of self-acceptance and love? What if your heart began to feel deep, expansive, REAL joy?

Give me 6 weeks and I’ll guide you on a journey that will let you connect with your inner energies so you can live a more satisfying, empowered, Turned-On life!

Whether you are seeking greater pleasure, true love, more meaningful connections or a better self-image, you are about to acquire the simple secrets to living a turned on life … just as your heart desires it to be!

And these secrets apply whether you are just blossoming into womanhood, are well into your adult life, or living beyond the childbearing and child-rearing years.

So if you’ve been dreaming of a life abundant with fulfillment, delight, and connection … where attractive men do a double take when you walk by them … where you are overflowing with energy and vitality …  and where your friends ask you what your youthful secrets are…

you are in the right place!!

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You sense that there is a lot more you can savor out of life, but you feel uncomfortable asking for what you want — especially when it comes to pleasure, romance or dating.
  • You are learning how to relate to your aging body, but fear that the changes will reduce your desire and capacity for pleasure.
  • You want to feel more empowered and alive than ever, but wonder if you will be rejected as a sexual being because of your age or changing body shape.
  • You want to love who you truly are, yet don’t feel as if you have full permission to use all your wisdom and experience.
  • You’re unsure of how to go about attracting the interest of someone, or asking for what you want in the bedroom.
  • You recognize that your sensual and sexual nature are very much alive, but don’t know how to navigate these waters now that you are older.
  • You have a longing or urge inside of you to express yourself more fully and to feel more satisfaction, pleasure and delight, but the people around you are expecting you to “act your age.”
  • You have things to say and so much you want to do, and you don’t want to be discarded because of your age!

If you relate to even one of these, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading, because…

I’m Caroline Muir, and I’ve been where you are.

My story is probably a lot like yours: As I matured into my 50s, then 60s, and now my 70s, I have had to live with a changing body, changing desires and changing expectations of who I should be from those around me.

It all seemed to happen so quickly! First I was youthful and full of energy, attracting attention from anyone I wanted, any time I wanted. Then suddenly I found myself a grandmother with wrinkles and a different shape to my body! How did it happen?

Well of course, we know how it happens. And of course, I’ve learned how to love and accept myself as I age. Still, there was this disconnect between the way I felt on the inside and the way I seemed to be expected to act on the outside. Like becoming a grandmother somehow meant I should no longer feel sensual, sexual or have desires to feel vitally alive!

And the biggest problem was — I knew I wanted both! I wanted to feel juicy, sexy, vitally alive AND enjoy my grandkids in my “mature” years. After all, I have more freedom now. I’ve got more time, and more experience and insight, too. In other words: I’ve got more ability to enjoy the luscious bounty of life … including deep levels of satisfaction in my body.

So why should I just sit down, be quiet and fade into the background of life?

I’d heard that as we age we lose our interest in pleasure.

It’s simply not true.

Here’s what IS true about “older” women:

I’ve found a hunger among women to find a new way to live, to connect with an intimate partner and to embrace their bodies as they age in a way that allows for deep pleasure — whether they are with a partner or not!

What’s true is that our sensuality and our vital (sexual) energy is with us throughout our lives. And even though there is a natural ebb and flow, this vitality doesn’t ebb away forever just because we hit a certain age! Each woman is different, yet one thing we share is that our life force energy — our sensual and sexual nature — remains a fundamental aspect of who we are throughout our lives.

Personally, I finally healed the disconnection between what society expected of me as a mature woman and the fire of desire burning inside me. And I did it by deeply connecting with the core of ME, as a maturing, sensual, sexual and changing woman.

With a lot of time to myself, and important connections with wise women along the way, I came to the hard-won truth of my own vitality and self-love … the kind that lights up rooms and ultimately, attracted my beloved mate into my life (when I wasn’t even looking!).

The result of all this, and the work I’ve done with women for 3 decades, is that I was able to develop a process — a step-by-step sequence — which allows women to reconnect with their core and reignite their sensual passion; either with a partner or without!

It’s the way to living a truly “Turned-On” life!

Does this process work?

My process has helped hundreds of other women awaken into the same unfoldment of their own pleasure. And it continues …

There are a lot of us now: Women who are used to thinking for ourselves. Women who have had families, careers, and minds of our own. We worked hard over the years to stay fit, be healthy and live active lives. Now we are committed to respecting our desires and giving them a level of attention we may not have had the freedom to enjoy in our youth.

We are sensual and we can be sexy — whether we’re involved with a man or not. We express ourselves with full life force energy; we dress to enjoy ourselves; and we activate the energies of pleasure within our entire being.

Now I’d like to show you how you can access the same depth of pleasure and possibility. You can benefit from my hard-won experience, and reclaim your right to live “turned-on” in your body and in every area of your life.

Imagine if you could:

  • Feel confident about yourself wherever you go
  • Attract high-quality people into your life…
  • Light up any room you walk into…
  • Magnetize an ideal partner to share your life with …
  • Activate a level of juicy sexual vitality you may not have felt in years!

My passion and purpose is to help you become the woman you dream of being and have the life you want to live… a turned-on life. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what that means right now, because I’ll guide you every step of the way with my proven system.


My proven system is called Living A Turned-On Life, and here’s what you can expect from it:

√     Newfound confidence beyond anything you’ve experienced before

√     Youthful radiance that defies age and dress size

√     Dazzling presence that will light up every room you walk into

√     A sense of deep connection with life and love

√     Fulfillment that comes from within, rather than outside of you

√     Vibrant energy, aliveness and passion pulsing through your BEING

√    That sexy vitality that comes with fully realized pleasure potential

Living A Turned-On Life is the result of my own painstaking process of claiming myself as divinely feminine. Over time, and working with many women one-to-one, I distilled this reclaiming process into a step-by-step, flowing feminine journey … one that that will take you right where you want to go… into true love with YOU.

Because truth be told, this is the most appealing, attractive, and desirable quality you can develop.

Here’s another truth: There is no amount of makeup, dieting, or cosmetic surgery that can even come close to revealing the vivacious, glowing inner light of your being. The glow which naturally radiates when you are in love with the essence of YOU.

This program is designed SPECIFICALLY for women over 50 who want to feel fulfilled, sensual, and sexually ALIVE. It’s for you if you are ready to embrace the wisdom, experience and PLEASURE of your magnificent, mature body.

This really is your time to love who you truly are, now.

During the program you’ll discover how to:

  • Move through the world with more self-possession and empowerment — the stuff that definitely turns heads!
  • Possess a quality of self confidence and self LOVE that draws the right people to you.
  • Reclaim and express your dazzling, luminous inner beauty
  • Have full access to your passion, your pleasure, and your juicy life force energy.
  • Release negative self-images.
  • Claim your right to pleasure as a mature woman of wisdom.
  • Step into the kind of TURNED ON LIFE that every woman has a right to. And …
  • If it’s your desire: Attract an ideal, loving mate!

You will step forward after this program knowing EXACTLY how to light up your own energy “on command.” PLUS you’ll have the internal resources to connect with your own pleasure, fulfill your desires — with a partner or without — and gain control over your self-confidence and self-love, whatever your age or dress size.

Now you can learn to claim your own unique beauty, sensual vitality and Turned-On energies with a step-by-step system that makes you a magnet to high quality people.

Here’s how we will do this — together!

Activating your “Turned-On Life” is much like a flower unfolding, petal by petal … over the course of 6 weeks I will guide you through tenderly unfurling the flower of your wisdom and pleasure, one petal at a time.

You’ll begin to feel results immediately. As you move through the course, your increasing confidence and vitality will delight you in very short order.

Hundreds of women have had life-changing outcomes through this process, and there’s nothing in the way of you experiencing your own powerful personal renaissance once you say YES to yourself.

You’ll save energy, heartache and (a lot of) money by avoiding mistakes.

Many women make HUGE and heart-breaking mistakes when they try to look outside themselves for answers. I’m talking about things like:

  • Covering up their vitality with baggy clothes or an “old woman” mindset
  • Surrounding themselves with people who complain about aging, aches or pains
  • Avoiding the possibility of connection with someone they desire
  • Ignoring their hunger for pleasure and satisfaction
  • Throwing themselves at low-quality men just for the attention
  • Giving up their sexual desires in the name of “grandparenthood” or post-menopause dryness.
  • Turning to multiple, expensive surgeries to hide their natural, aging beauty.

Instead, you’ll get a deep unfoldment … into the essence of YOU!

I’ll take you on a journey. One with the exact steps you need to go deep into the heart of your pleasure. This is a safe space to explore, yet the journey itself is very clear. You’ll never have to worry about “reading between the lines” or guessing how or what is right for you. It’s easy to create the kind of life you want to live when you know the steps to take.

You’ll complete our time together with a level of access to yourself which will be locked-in for a lifetime of greater satisfaction in your body and your heart.

Like a flower with 6 petals, you are going to unfurl your beautiful self until you are open and receiving all the energy and nourishment from life that you so deserve.

I’ll be guiding you through each of these 6 petals at the core of your pleasure. They are the essential energies to awaken for any woman who has decided to live fully and claim her right to pleasure, fulfillment, and happiness.

The training will be delivered each week along with between-class worksheets, audios, and activities for you to deepen your own experience.

The 1st Petal 

In the first petal of Living a Turned-On Life (module 1), you’re going to learn how to expand your positive feminine awareness well beyond what you have access to now… even if you feel like you are already well acquainted with faith in yourself. This is the foundation for creating your luminous glow that emanates from the inside out. When you know how to access this feminine core, you’ll tap into new realms of energy and vibrancy.

The 2nd Petal 

In the second petal of Living a Turned-On Life (module 2), you’ll revisit your relationship imprints and release trapped patterns that keep you locked into repeating scenarios: like getting into relationships with the same kind of partner over and over again; or working so hard that you don’t notice you have abandoned yourself. Even if you still see a long road ahead, this path is one of pleasure, not hard work. Remember this truth: Pleasure is your birthright. Suffering is only a fork in the road — in itself, it leads nowhere. When you free up energy that has been holding you back, you will gain immense clarity and joy.

The 3rd Petal 

Once you’ve released patterns that no longer serve you, you’ll be ready to engage your healing powers in the third petal (module 3). This is when you’ll learn the life-changing practice of sexual healing and awakening, which brings new life to your body and your vital, life-force energy. Your vitality will begin rising steadily as the third petal unfolds. This kind of energy frees the body from trapped emotion and memory that affects your moods, your happiness and your health as well as your libido. I will teach you how to capture and harness this vital sexual energy as a resource for you and all that you desire; easily, enjoyably, and even thrillingly!

The 4th Petal 

In the fourth petal (module 4), you’ll cultivate a whole new relationship with yourself — one which will be with you for the rest of your life. This is the true “Hieros Gamos” … the Sacred, alchemical Marriage of you, to YOU. You cannot divorce your own feminine soul. You’ll experience the joy of walking down the aisle to join in holy union with your beloved in a form that still allows the outer marriage (with another) while holding you on course with your soul’s commitment to new levels of self-love and acceptance. This will give you a new perspective on relationship: one that fulfills a deep longing and allows a commitment with your inner beloved, whoever SHE may be, for SHE is YOU.

The 5th Petal 

In the fifth petal (module 5), you’ll learn techniques to awaken your deepest core of pleasure, as you give “sacred spot” touch and massage to yourself. This is your opportunity to immerse yourself in new depths of pleasure as you learn to bring healing and awakening to your own sacred spot. This is the key access point for enlivening your body, mind, and emotions with an extended type of pleasure, one we often call the Wave of Bliss. And, like the unfurling flower of the program itself, this is a process and a practice.

The 6th Petal 

In the sixth petal, you’ll fully ignite your pleasure potential, learning how to use this divine feminine power source as your personal fountain of youth. (You’ll also find out what to do with all the men who are suddenly showing up in your world, attracted to you like bees to honey!) This is when I show you how to begin broadcasting a deeper, more expansive kind of personal power … one that emanates from your very core. It is the Slumbering One, longing to awaken, a type of pleasure that rocks you to the center of your being. It is this part of you who is irresistibly attractive to the people around you. (And this is simpler and easier than you can imagine!)

The Divine Feminine path to Living a Turned-On Life

With all 6 petals unfurled, you will possess the ‘secret’ to manifesting your life’s desires. A secret known down through the ages by Tantric yoga masters. It IS the Divine Feminine Path of Awakening to a more turned-on and satisfying life!

This information is only just now starting to be made more accessible. For centuries, it’s been driven underground because sexually empowered women have been perceived as too much of a threat to male power. It’s time to heal the breach and get this education to as many women as possible, and that’s why I decided to create a group course that will make this accessible to many more women than I ever could by working solely on a 1:1 basis.

You’ll be astonished as you watch your life begin to change, once you access your feminine power and energy. Your whole world will feel more joyful, more ecstatic, and more alive as you unfold your feminine power in this way.

PLUS! … 4 Very Special Bonuses which will support your journey and enhance your juicy, Turned-On life!

Bonus #1 – “The Language of Feminine Confidence – 10 Powerful Communication Tools to Light Up Your Energy, Banish Negative Self-Talk and Quickly Super-Charge Your Attraction Powers.” 

A $100 value

Bonus #2 – “3 Myths that Stop You from Finding Your Beloved,” a newly released e-Book by Caroline Muir

A $50 value

Bonus #3 – “Magnetize Your Perfect Partner with the Power of Ceremony” by Amrita Grace.

A $50 value

Bonus #4 – For program attendee eyes only! A sweet surprise bonus that will be revealed during the program.

A $50 value

Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to be thrilled with Living a Turned On Life! I know this material changes lives, and I am fully committed to you having exactly what it is that you desire. It’s why I’ve poured my heart and soul into this.

That’s why, if for any reason, within the first 20 days of going through the program, you aren’t fully satisfied with what you’re learning, simply reply to one of the emails you’ll receive with your course materials, request your money back, and I’ll refund your investment – no questions asked.

Plus, you’ll be able to keep the bonuses, as well as the module trainings you’ve received up to that point.

“This sounds wonderful, Caroline, but how is this different from working with a marriage counselor … or using a dating site?”

Excellent question.

First, the program is not really about marriage — although if you are longing to add zest to your marriage, it will certainly do that!

Neither is this a system for finding dates — although if you are seeking high quality companionship, it all starts right here!

You see, Living A Turned-On Life isn’t about what is outside of you — a spouse, a date, a lover … it’s all about what is inside of you … YOUR DEEP PLEASURE POTENTIAL … your feminine core. Once you gain access to that, all external companionship becomes icing on the cake. When you fulfill YOU, you become a magnet for the highest quality of love, respect, sexual intimacy and companionship.

“Should I do this program if I’m under 50 or over 70?”


If this work is speaking to you, then now is the right time for you, and here’s why:

Whatever your age or dress size, if you long for that deep level of dazzling self-confidence … If you want to walk through the world with newfound radiance beyond anything you’ve experienced before … If you want to feel a deeper sense of connection with your vitality and life-force energy … and if you want passion and pleasure to pulse through your being — whatever your relationships status — then this is for you!

“How do I know this will work for me?”

Most teachers and relationship mentors teach to the brain. Few can create the safety and connection that allows you to fully engage your body and open to healing and awakening. After working with women of all ages for the past 30 years, I know just how powerful this system is for deepening your connection to your pleasure potential and your core.

Over the course of 3+ decades I have been refining this work with women all around the world. Women just like you who longed for more yet felt that maybe the deep, satisfying pleasure they imagined just wasn’t possible for them. Whether your “issue” is physical or emotional, long-standing or based on a recent, dramatic change, I know in my heart-of-hearts that when you unfold gently into the deep core of YOU, something divine awakens. You really can know this too!

Here’s how you’ll know if this program is NOT for you …

Living A Turned-On Life CAN work for any woman, but there are some women for whom this will not be a “fit.” For those of you locked into any kind of belief system that says a woman doesn’t deserve pleasure, or that pleasure is shameful or sinful, I’ll invite you to search elsewhere. For those of you who believe you need to sacrifice happiness in order to be a “good” person, this will definitely not be a fit either. This IS for you if you’re ready to love yourself, care for yourself and take action in service to your own vitality and happiness. You will have to do the work of the program to get the results. How much work? Once you understand the system, we are talking about acts of self-awareness and self care –– a little bit, every day.

What is Your Deepest Desire?

Here’s how you’ll know if Living A Turned-On Life is right for you. If…

  • You want to feel more alive, attractive, confident, and vibrant — without expensive cosmetic surgery, special supplements or hours at the gym.
  • You love the idea of lighting up any room you walk into.
  • You want to activate a level of juicy sexual vitality you may not have felt in years!
  • You want to add zest in the bedroom.
  • You are ready to attract high-quality dates, relationships or maybe even an ideal partner to share life with you.
  • You are unwilling to fade quietly into the backdrop of life, content solely with cats, grandkids or the bridge club.

Then this is an Ideal program for you.

Once you own these characteristics, it all becomes a natural flow. And Living a Turned-On Life guides you, step-by-step, through how to make this flow a part of your daily life.

This course distills the essence of my 30 years of working with women and helping them transform their relationships with their bodies, their lovers, their spouses and most importantly: themselves.

The question is: are you willing to continue tolerating low-level satisfaction with your life? Or are you ready to get the step-by-step system that reconnects you with your pulsing, vibrant core so you can attract exactly what you desire into your life?

I understand that I’ll receive:

  • 6 weekly downloadable MP3 audio classes with you that guide me through your step-by-step system for awakening my deep, feminine core of pleasure (I understand I can start anytime and learn at my own pace)
  • 16 Learning handouts with healing guidance to follow and practice between classes
  • 7 MP3 audio recordings with guided meditations, custom-created by you
  • Exclusive access to the Living A Turned-On Life private Facebook forum

Closeup of beautiful Rose(Rosa) flower isolated on white background. The flower belongs to rosaceae family & has yellow orange red & pink colors. The image also includes clipping path for isolation

Bonus #1: The Language of Feminine Confidence

  • 10 powerful communication tools
  • Learn how to banish negative self-talk quickly
  • Activate a new way of “speaking” to the Core of You

Closeup of beautiful Rose(Rosa) flower isolated on white background. The flower belongs to rosaceae family & has yellow orange red & pink colors. The image also includes clipping path for isolationBonus #2: 3 Myths that Stop You from Finding Your Beloved

  • Caroline’s newly released book — in digital format
  • Gain clarity about false beliefs which hold you back
  • Set yourself free to love again or love more deeply

Closeup of beautiful Rose(Rosa) flower isolated on white background. The flower belongs to rosaceae family & has yellow orange red & pink colors. The image also includes clipping path for isolationBonus #3: Magnetize Your Perfect Partner with the Power of Ceremony

  • Gorgeous digital book and Sacred Guide by Amrita Grace
  • Super-charge your attraction powers
  • Create sacred space to open to pure delight!

Closeup of beautiful Rose(Rosa) flower isolated on white background. The flower belongs to rosaceae family & has yellow orange red & pink colors. The image also includes clipping path for isolationBonus #4: For program attendee eyes only!

  • A sweet surprise bonus that will be revealed during the program
  • Be prepared for the unfoldment of petal flowers! 😉

Easy-Pay Plan:
2 Payments of $218

Pay in Full and Save:

P.S. Imagine yourself 6 months from now … Are you feeling connected with yourself in a way that makes you smile with satisfaction? Are you awakening, excited for what the day may bring? Do you have the level of vital energy, enthusiasm and self-love that lights up a room? Are you feeling as if your cup of love is so full that it overflows abundantly? Or are you still struggling with that un-scratched itch, that grey malaise of baggy clothes, bland days or disheartening dismay whenever you look at your life – or your self– in the mirror? Get rid of the struggle now.

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